Shanachie gets a facelift

The Shanachie as we all knew it...


Taking a stroll through downtown Ambler last weekend I stopped dead in my tracks, not only was The Shanachie undergoing a radical change, but guess who was heading up the project?  None other than Ed Egan, owner of The Shanachie Irish Pub.  Now if that isn’t small town, I don’t know what is!  How refreshing it was to see Ed out there, paint brush in hand working hard to make his business a better and more attractive place to visit. 

Ed and his crew hard at work

Ambler 075

Ed and his crew hard at work

If that doesn’t give you reason enough to patronize The Shanachie, how about the fact that they serve great food and drinks, have drink specials every day, happy hour Monday-Friday 5-7pm, and live entertainment Friday and Saturday beginning at 9pm as well as traditional Irish music Tuesday evenings at 8pm.  Shanachie translates as storyteller, and if you are lucky you will have a chance to chat with Ed’s partner, owner Gerry Timlin, who will no doubt have a good story to tell, he may even sing it to you!  Visit The Shanachie at 111 E Butler Pike or at

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