Barefoot Ball was a huge success!

The scene at the Mercedes Benz showroom in Fort Washington this past Sunday was not what one would typically expect to find upon entering a car dealership. There were no cars, instead yoga mats to serve as transport for the day’s journey; not employees in suits, but instructors in tutus and costume jewelry; not customers, but barefoot men, women and children who all came together to raise funds and awareness for Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Barefoot Ball, Fort Washington

Barefoot Ball, Fort WashingtonThis Inaugural Barefoot Ball was the kickoff event for Team Twisters in their effort to raise $20,000 for Living Beyond Breast Cancer. The event was a wonderful success, raising $6500! $2500 was donated by Mike Sloane, owner of Mercedes Benz Fort Washington and the remainder was donated by the 109 attendees!

It was truly an amazing sight to behold, dozens of caring individuals moving together in unison on sea of multi colored mats. Twisters’ staff of instructors was on hand for the event; four instructors lead the hour long class in tandem while the rest worked the room to offer adjustment and support when needed. The class culminated in a spectacular operatic performance by Natalie Levin, also an instructor at Twisters, dressed to the nines in a ball gown and full stage makeup, barefoot, of course. She performed a beautiful piece by Richard Strauss during shavasna, followed by an incredibly moving Orfeo and then spiced things up at the end with a piece from Carmen.

Natalie Levin

As mentioned earlier, this was a kickoff event; Team Twisters is still working hard to reach their goal of raising $20,000 by May 15th. May 15th marks the date of one of the world’s largest outdoor yoga classes, Yoga on the Steps, where hundreds of people will gather together on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum to raise funds for LBBC’s education and support programs. Team Twisters has several fun and exciting team building events lined up as they work their way towards Yoga on the Steps. Here’s a little sneak peek into the upcoming events:

  • A bus painting party! The plan is to pimp Twisters ride (aka- a school bus that will take the team to Yoga on the Steps) and by pimp I mean paint the entire bus pink!
  • Team Twisters Evening in Ambler, a benefit event at an Ambler restaurant featuring raffles and prizes.
  • An outdoor yoga class.
  • A wine tasting.

Some additional exciting news is that Team Twisters is still recruiting! You are encouraged to get involved , there are several different ways you can help: by joining the team and being a part of Yoga on the Steps, aiding in fundraising, getting involved on a deeper level by helping to plan future events, or by simply donating online. Hope to see you at Yoga on the Steps!

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