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Short of borrowing the Fruit of the Loom guys wardrobe and running the streets of Ambler I’m not sure how else to get the word out but to put pen to paper (aka, fingers to keyboard), hopefully it’s not too late. We need to quickly get the attention of locals who would love the opportunity to have locally and responsibly produced food available in Ambler. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that there are a ton of people in town who long for a walkable place to buy groceries. This is by no means a market, what it is is a chance for us to have Certified Organic produce (and more, see below!) delivered Lancaster Farmstraight from the farm to us, here in town! It is all arranged by Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative and the program is called a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). This is a subscription program where individuals and families can purchase a weekly share of the organic harvest from over 75 Lancaster County Farms.

farm fresh tomsWhat: 25 weeks of farm fresh, Certified Organic, seasonal produce, $28/week.

Where: Jo Jo’s Java Joint, 14 W Butler Avenue

When: May – October

Deadline: April 8, 2011 (no, not a joke)

Some important things to know:

  • Once you are a part of the CSA you can add on to your order, things like fruit, flowers, Community Supported Medicine and no hormone added dairy (including butter, milk, cheese, yogurt), pastured meats and eggs, baby food, Gluten Free Baked goods and other prepared food. THIS IS HUGE!
  • Once Jo-Jo’s becomes a host site (we have enough people participate) it becomes a year round site for you to obtain the items above as well as seasonal items.

By participating you are making a very important impact on our on locallocal corn field economy, your personal health and our planet. It’s really a no brainer, the only thing left to discuss is the cost. The program cost is $28 per week (here is an example of the weekly shares) for 25 weeks, the downside is that that amount must be paid in full up front. I know this is one big chunk of cash, but understanding the dynamics make it easier to bear… the money that you are paying now goes directly to the farmers to buy the seed to start the crops, your crops. This whole entire program is run by an extremely small staff whose biggest gain is sleeping better at night knowing what an important contribution they are making towards the better good of all. If you already buy Certified Organic produce at the grocery store it is typically marked up 50-150%, a considerable amount isn’t even local. Looking at an example share, I would estimate that in this economy buying that same produce but not organic, would cost about $28. If you were to purchase the example share as is, Certified Organic, at the grocery store I estimate it would probably be about $40. That is a huge savings! Because the CSA is working directly with the farmers the cost is comparable to wholesale. That being said, a share costs $700, if that is not an option for you they also allow you to purchase a half share (still a weekly delivery, half the amount of produce) for $425.

In order for Jo-Jo’s to be deemed a host site they need to fill an order for 20 shares no later than APRIL 8!!! Yes, as is in next week, therefore I’m asking you to forward this to any and all locals that you think may be interested in participating. They currently have 7 shares accounted for, so really all that is needed is 13. I think if enough people in the community know about this opportunity far more than 13 will want to get involved. The website is easy to navigate, most of your questions can be answered there, if need be you can also contact Will Hammett at Jo-Jo’s for additional information (267.470.4720). Click here to sign up and when prompted for pick up site fill in Jo-Jo’s! Let’s make this happen, Ambler!!!

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