When Love Comes to Town

I stumbled across the video and photos below and decided to share them here, they have nothing to do with current happenings in town or the real estate market but (as you will see) some of these gorgeous shots were taken in town. These “day after” wedding photos were shot at the local bride and groom’s home as well as the Amber train station, too cute!

As soon as I saw the photos in front of their home I knew exactly which street it was, one of my fave’s (I wonder how many Ambler streets I say that about)! Those grand old twins don’t go up for sale very often so I’m fairly certain I know the house and was in it when it was for sale last year. This home was, as many older Ambler homes are, in need of love. Seeing these pictures makes me so happy because I can tell that this couple will give this sleeping beauty the love it deserves, judging by their taste it’s probably already incredible!

Oddly, I’ve never met the bride and groom, I came across their “Ambler” photos in a random web search. Aside from loving the Ambler backdrop, this is the sweetest wedding video I’ve ever seen.


Day After Photos

By the way, if you are a bride to be or have a special event to plan and you find yourself gushing over this wedding, check out Belovely Events. The Ambler bride here is half of Belovely, clearly they do an amazing job!

Photography by Heidi Vail

Video by Monachetti





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