What’s Ambler missing?

This question has been and will continue to be debated, of course I have my thoughts which are shared below, but I wanted to share some of yours. Almost 200 people weighed in on the topic last year, undoubtedly some of you were a part of the discussion on facebook  “What you would like to see in Ambler?” I learned that facebook decided to remove the Discussion tab and I didn’t want everyone’s contribution to vanish into thin air so here are the results…

I find it interesting (and encouraging) that a few of these have actually come to fruition since the time this thread was started. We now have a bakery, a beer distributor is due to open within the next few weeks, a 24 hour diner in Springhouse is coming soon as well as a grocery store. I know there are quite a few people who are not thrilled with the fact that it is going to be a Bottom Dollar, but it is still a grocery store nonetheless.

I’m a big fan of dreaming, and I’ve spent countless hours dreaming about what I would personally like to see in town. If money were no object, here are a few things I would do…

First and foremost, I would rescue the old Palladio space from the sad state that she’s in now, make her beautiful again, and turn her into a music venue. My ideas on this front are vast and detailed, so if there happens to be an investor/developer reading this, let’s talk.

A healthy fast food option with take out and a small sit down area would be fantastic; serving affordable smoothies, salads, vegetarian options, etc. A Bryn and Dane’s would be a dream come true, but not likely as Horsham is so close, boo. Perhaps the Ambler Food Co-op will serve this need once it becomes a reality.

A book store/coffee shop with comfy seating, wifi and nice music. This could be in conjunction with the music store below.

A music store! For those of you who’ve been in town for a little while, I’m sure you remember Geeks and Gawds, great little record store run by Margo and her cat who hung out in the CD bins. I realize this business probably makes little to no financial sense as I think I am one of the few who still buys CD’s and vinyl. I relish the excitement of buying new music, putting it on in the car or as soon as I get home, reading the liner notes… I guess it’s nostalgia, but I love it!

Lastly, I think an Art Gallery (or two) would be a great addition. Recently I’ve learned how many fantastic local artists we have in and around the Ambler area, a place to showcase their talent would be a welcome addition.

Oh, I forgot one, probably because it will never happen, as a building would have to be razed to do so. A small community park (yes, grass and trees) right in the heart of downtown Ambler would be amazing. And yes, dogs would be welcome!

Of course there are so many other possibilities that would great, this is just my personal wish list. Feel free to share your wish list in the comments below!

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  1. Val Lutz

    Wow, I remember when Ambler had a lot of these things. 20 years ago, there was the Acme, Ambler Cabaret, the bakery, the news agency (not a full book store, as I recall, but I think that they sold books), a music store that sold instruments, a store that sold CDs, and I think there was an antique store around near Deck’s Hardware.

    It sounds as though there are some good new things in Ambler too–looking forward to seeing lots more!

  2. Kevin McLemore

    Yes, and before that there was Artie’s discount clothing store (where the Chinese take-away is now), Gresh’s Toy Store (with the slot-car race tracks upstairs), a family-owned bakery (can’t recall the family name offhand – started with “M” – but their sticky buns were to die for!), Hilton’s Drug Store (as well as a Rexall Drug store) and a Pep Boys (over on Bethlehem Pike).

  3. Kristin

    I’m kind of surprised there isn’t a healthy eating option yet. This town is absolutely prime for one. We need a home town version of Season 52. As much as I love the cheesesteaks and sweets on every corner….

  4. Marian

    I like the idea of a place where you can sit and read, use your pc/laptop, have a cup of coffee or a cool iced tea, smoothie, etc. something like what Borders has and they are disappearing. Good Luck Ambler keep growing.

  5. maria

    For those looking for an Artisan Shop/ gallery look across from the old Drafting Room. ARTISANS 3 has been in Spinghouse since 1979. (Almost moved to where open dialog was originally). Great place for gifts!

  6. Leslie

    I remember there would be a parade on Memorial day, I remember because our Girl Scout troop headed by Mrs Thelma Matthews of West Ambler would march in the parade. I miss those wonderful days of Ambler.

  7. Allison Wolf

    Thanks for sharing, Leslie, we are working on getting back to them! Baby steps 🙂

  8. garten moos

    garten moos…

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  9. Val Lutz

    So great to read all of these wonderful memories. Kevin, I remember the drug stores and I remember hearing about the toy store from my former boyfriend, who grew up in Ambler. Through him, I also had the opportunity to meet and talk with Newt Howard, who owned Howard’s Camera and Art Center (which is long gone) and had so many great stories about Ambler history. Fortunately Mr. Howard’s stories survive in the archives of the Ambler Gazette, as he used to write a column for them. As for the parades, do they not have them any more? I have some great photos of some of the parades from around 1991-1992 taken from the second floor of the old Ambler Cabaret building.

  10. Buck Amey

    I have a question? Have we figured out where the old Ambler Web site is? It had many of the history questions coming from Newt Howard.
    Next I think maybe you can come by 403 Stuart Lane and pick up your rental sign, LOL.