The Shanachie Is Up For Grabs

As I’m dutifully checking the MLS this morning, what do I see, but the familiar black and red facade, for sale! As most of you know, Doc Magrogan’s was planning to open here in the fall, heck Dave Magrogan told me that himself! There have been rumors the past few weeks that the deal had fallen apart, this listing this morning seems to confirm that. I don’t have any details, and those in the know seem to be pretty tight lipped about it.

Time will tell what happens with this space; I personally hope it doesn’t turn into a chain restaurant or sit vacant for too long, Ambler has far too many vacancies as it is. That said, The Shanachie is for sale; they are asking a cool $1.1m, any takers? Anyone… Bueller…

Update (Jan 2013):

The former Shanachie sold in December, 2012 for $735,000. One of the owners/partners is Chad Rosenthal of Rosey’s BBQ, formerly located on North Main Street. As of this update, work is underway at 115 East Butler and Rosenthal hopes to open in March. He is pretty tight lipped about his plans for the new space, but I know live music will be an important aspect. I am looking forward to see his latest venture!

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  1. MB

    I am wondering what is going on with Finn McCools???? That street has been closed forever and it’s an eyesore.

  2. Allison Wolf

    Apparently they have been help up by the insurance company. I was told that they are finally making headway and hopefully construction will start very soon. It is unbelievable how long this has taken, not only an eye sore, but a safety concern as well.

  3. RC

    Well while they are fixing the outside Finn McCools, let’s hope they also fix the food and service. Even when it was open no one was ever in there. The bartenders were so rude and food was not good at all. Which is sad because that location has so much potential.