Aye, yai, yai!

Last month I eluded to another restaurant opening in town, but I didn’t want to spill the beans until I knew it was 100%. I just got it from the horses mouth, and I can’t wait to share the news with you! As is seen on the Ambler facebook page, we are a very opinionated bunch, so I’m sure there will be someone who is not thrilled, but I couldn’t be more excited! Welcome El Limon!

You may have visited their Conshohocken location, which opened just two years ago, and quickly grew in popularity. Two important things that make El Limon so popular are the food, of course, and the prices! You can easily have a quick snack or a great meal for $10 or less.

El Limon is pared down, affordable, authentic Mexican food; expect to see, tacos, quesadillas, sopes, tortas, fajitas and more. The ambiance, if you will, is not all that exciting, but everything is fresh and made to order. There will be table seating, and I imagine it will be somewhat limited as they are opening in the former Sherwin Williams space. El Limon is BYO, but they offer delicious free margaritas, all you have to do is bring the tequila!

El Limon will be open for lunch and dinner, along with some late night weekend hours (open till 3am on Friday and Saturday in Conshohocken!). Unlike Ambler, Conshohocken has a huge late night bar crowd which makes 2am a very busy time for them. Ambler is a bit sleepier so we’ll see how they adjust, either way, I’m looking forward to having a great spot open later than all the rest.

Construction is just now getting underway and they plan to open sometime in February, which in restaurant speak probably means at least March, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed! They don’t have a website, but check out their Yelp reviews for a taste of what’s to come. I’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way!

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  1. chris choy

    when will they start to hire?

  2. Allison Wolf

    I’m not sure, I’ll let you know if I find out.

  3. Erin

    Where in Ambler?

  4. Allison Wolf

    It is located between Finn McCool’s and Jackets ‘N Things on Butler, where Sherwin Williams used to be.

  5. Wayne

    Yes indeedy! Congrats to Ambler and thanks for celebrating these things.

  6. Amy

    SO excited for this! Next we need a sushi place in town and we will be close to almos having it all! I’m glad they will be legit and casual – that’s how a real taqueria should be. I have been wanting (hoping) the two Mexican grocers in town would consider making tortas and/or cemitas because I miss them so much. I love how diverse our awesome town is hopefully our dining establishments show that too and continue to show that. Welcome el limon. We will become fast friends.

  7. JOHN

    This is awesome news!
    Right next door to me at Jackets n’ Things!
    Construction hasn’t started yet though. The old Sherwin-Williams building needs a ton of work!
    I highly doubt they’ll be open in Feb or March.
    Can’t wait though!!

  8. Matt

    I believe they are hiring now……on craigslist, they are looking for servers, cooks, etc for a mexican byo in ambler…..bi-lingual is a plus.