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Ambler Candidate Community MeetingElection season is upon us and this year, without the shadow of a national election, we have the luxury of being able to focus on our local elections. For the first time in twelve years, Ambler will have a new mayor. There are five council seats up for election, as well as Borough Tax Collector and there is also an Ambler resident running for a seat on the Wissahickon School Board.

Until this year, there has not been an opportunity for the Ambler community to learn about all of the candidates under one roof. Typically, you have to attend the D’s or the R’s individual functions, which leaves out quite a few. That will change this year, as on October 24th, there will be a non-partisan community meeting where all candidates, from all parties, are invited to speak and engage in a Q&A with members of the audience.

This is your chance to get to know the candidates, learn their platforms, and understand why they are desirous of the position. In addition to learning about the candidates, the meeting will also offer a mini “civics lesson.” The purpose of this is to help the community understand how Ambler Borough operates and what can realistically be expected of a candidate in his or her position.

This meeting is free, there is nothing asked of you, other than your time for the evening. In fact, there is no money being exchanged at all; the venue has been graciously donated by From the Boot, sound and music by Ambler Music, assistance in the form of a meeting facilitator by Mark Warshaw, and the event logo by Joe Ronca.

This event was created with the Ambler community in mind, you are encouraged to attend and be better prepared to make your voice heard on November 5th!

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