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To say that politics is not my cup of tea is putting it mildly. It is a topic of conversation that I often stray from, as I tend to keep those opinions to myself. I struggle with the “small fish in a big sea” feeling when it comes to national elections, which is why I focused on learning about our local candidates this year. After deliberation, and learning that Ambler elections often come down to just a few votes, I feel compelled to share my thoughts with you.

For the first time in 12 years, Ambler will have a new mayor. For a small town like ours, this is huge. Mayor Bud Wahl has served Ambler very well, and while it will be sad to see him go, it is important to see that the person who takes his spot will also serve Ambler well. I believe that Frank DeRuosi is that person.

The mayor is essentially the face of Ambler, the person who represents our town, interacts with residents and borough council, working to move our town forward in the best possible way. Frank DeRuosi is the best person to do this job, and he is already more than halfway there.

As you may know, I spend a good amount of time volunteering in Ambler and attend every event possible. I notice who is there. I see Frank and his family at every Ambler event; shopping at the farmers’ market each Saturday, First Friday’s, the Car Show, Oktoberfest; you name it, he is there. Seeing Frank and his wife chat with the local farmers whom they have come to know at the market, it is clear to me that he is not there to be seen, but because he truly loves and supports our community. This is also evident in his fight to keep Mattison Avenue Elementary from closing. As a resident, teacher, and parent, he understood the vital role that this school played in our community and worked tirelessly with several committed Ambler residents in an effort to keep the school open. I admire the respect that Frank showed when he approached Mayor Wahl years ago, letting him know that he wanted to step up and serve Ambler, when Mayor Wahl was ready to step down. Since declaring his candidacy, Frank has held several public meetings at Caffe Maida, giving everyone a chance to speak with him, share their concerns and learn what he is all about. Those who have been supporting Frank all along have told me that there has never been a request for funds, only boots on the ground. I appreciate that he is not a “politician,” but a humble individual with a desire to give back and help our community grow.

For mayoral candidates in Ambler, the issues are clear, hence the platforms are similar. This made it easy for me to focus on the person. On that note, you may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned Frank’s party affiliation, and that is because I couldn’t care less. Personally, those are my feelings in any race (small town or not), but seeing beyond party lines is critical thinking for those in a borough of less than one square mile.

One last thing that I’d like to share is that I first met Frank and his family seven years ago. He probably does not remember this, but being a new real estate agent on my first open house, I do. I studied those names on my open house sign in sheet and put them to memory. For that reason, I recognized Frank’s name the next time I did an open house in Ambler. By the third time he and his family visited an Ambler open, I recognized them immediately. Each time I would greet them and he would tell me that they already lived in town and are were just looking because they love Ambler and like to see the different homes and architecture. I do open houses all over the area, Upper Dublin, Whitpain, Lower Gwynedd, but I’ve never seen the DeRuosi’s at any of those open houses. To you, this may be weird, but to me, this is fantastic. To be so intrigued by your town that your quest to learn more involves spending precious Sunday time viewing Ambler homes, warms my heart. Although I must admit, I didn’t see Frank at my last Ambler open house a few weeks ago, but I’ll give him a pass, as it is campaign season. 🙂

If you are uncertain about voting, please remember that voting is your right and a chance to make your voice heard. Don’t waste your opportunity to contribute to Ambler’s future, vote on Tuesday!


Ward 1: Wissahickon Fire Company, 245 Race Street

Ward 2: SAAC Center, 45 Forest Avenue

Ward 3: Calvary Methodist Church, 16 East Park Avenue

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