Ambler 2013, The Year in Review

2013 was full of memorable moments in Ambler; some ground breaking, exciting and new, others struck a chord of despair and broke hearts. I feel that the moments below are worth revisiting as we bring this year to a close.


Wissahickon School Board votes to close Mattison Avenue Elementary. This decision was a blow to the Borough and so many who fought tooth and nail to keep the school open. Closing its doors once and for all in June marked the end of an era in Ambler. MAE was the last school left in the Borough, and one unlike any other. If you are like me and like to look for the silver lining, I believe that the fight to keep Mattison Avenue open brought people together. They forged bonds as they fought for their kids and their community, it caused many to “wake up” and be more aware and engaged. Following the closure, Ambler Borough went on to purchase the building; it will be the future Ambler Borough Municipal Building.

Mayor Bud Wahl announces that he will not seek another term. After twelve years of service, we wish Bud farewell with great admiration and respect. He accomplished much during his time in office and is a true champion for Ambler!

Forest & Main birthday partyApril

Forest & Main celebrate their first birthday. This made my list because it was one epic party. Think frat party, but without the crappy beer and bad behavior. F&M is a wonderful addition to Ambler and people came out of the woodwork to show their support. Safe to say, it was a good time had by all.


Opening day of the Ambler Farmers’ Market. This market was a long time coming and Ambler was ready for it! I’m fairly certain that my eyes sprang a leak as I looked up Butler Avenue and saw droves of people making their way down to the market. People of all ages, some with strollers, some with dogs; all of them, ready to shop and spend time with their neighbors. Farmers offering fresh, local food in town, what a sight it was!

Ambler Farmers Market opening day

The Ambler Arts & Music Festival takes over town! This Friday and Saturday festival was an incredible collaboration between Ambler Main Street, Ambler Rotary, and Ambler Borough. People enjoyed art and music, and partied in town all weekend. Top notch local artists displayed their talent and exciting headline musicians preformed on a state of the art stage in the Ambler Savings Bank parking lot. The highlight was Saturday night when the parking lot and streets were turned into a dance party as the Trammps took the stage. People are still talking about it!

Ambler Cabaret poster


The old Ambler Cabaret changed hands. While this may not mean anything in the immediate future, it has to be (please!!!), a step in the right direction. The Cabaret has laid dormant since 1994, but in it’s day, it was home to tons of great acts, including the Hooters, Tommy Conwell, Merl Saunders, and many, many more. I’ve not heard of any plans yet, but the potential here is HUGE!

El Limon (finally) opens. While Ambler saw several new openings in 2013, this one was highly anticipated (at least by me). We have some incredible restaurants in town, but are short on fast, easy, affordable options, and it’s Mexican! With free margaritas!


The first Ambler Candidate Community Meeting was held. This non-partisan meeting was an opportunity for constituents to meet those up for election, listen to their “stump speeches” and ask relevant questions. The vast majority of the candidates attended and there were no political overtones. This will undoubtedly become a regular event during election season.

AAmbler Candidate Community Meeting re

Bottom Dollar opens for business. This was long awaited for many in Ambler, after being without a grocery store for more than four years. There has been a lot of debate as to whether or not Bottom Dollar is the “right fit” for Ambler, regardless of your opinion, it is here and open for business.


Proposed development at St Mary’s Villa was announced. While this has clearly been in the works for some time, the news and plans became public knowledge in late November. Naturally, the news was met with mixed emotions. There are still serious hurtles the developers must cross before this project moves forward. I realize that St. Mary’s is not part of Ambler proper, but the outcome greatly affects the Borough.


Jake Cleary's family

The annual Christmas Parade. What can I say? I’m a sucker for this parade. This year didn’t feature anything out of the ordinary, but it is so small town, so Ambler, that it makes my list.

Last, but not least…

Throughout the year, several precious little ones were brought into the world, including this cutie spotted at the parade! Congrats to all of Ambler’s new parents, especially my peeps, Marty and Rachel! 🙂

What am I missing? Chime in and tell me below!

Most importantly, Happy New Year, Ambler!

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