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It’s official…

Last week while walking in town I bumped into restaurateur, Dave Magrogan. He and his architect were outside the Shanachie discussing future plans; Dave confirmed that the rumors are true and that our beloved Shanachie (R.I.P.) will become Doc Magrogan’s, an Oyster House and Raw Bar.

Magrogan’s is a chain, with three existing locations (two in PA and one in DE), and is part of the Dave Magrogran Group along with well known Kildare’s and a few other restaurants. Personally, my first reaction is that Ambler is not a town befitting of a chain restaurant, but I will reserve judgment. However, I think it’s great that Magrogan’s is a restaurant unlike any of the other eateries in town. The menu looks pretty good, I am particularly looking forward to trying some items on Docs Raw Bar and am thrilled that a Nicoise Salad* will be available in town (my fave). Dave said they hope to open in September, I’ll keep you updated as we get closer.

I’m curious, have you been to any of the other Doc Magrogan’s? If so, please share your experience below.


*FYI ~ If you are a fellow lover of Nicoise, The Chestnut Hill Hotel/Grill has a fantastic one!

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Homemade Delights Set to Open

Cinnamon buns, cookies, and pies, oh my! If you haven’t heard, Ambler will once again have a bakery in town! It has been many years since beloved Goettner’s closed their doors, since then many locals have yearned to be able to pick up freshly baked goods in town. As of tomorrow morning, the wait is over! Homemade Delights will open their doors, Saturday morning, April 14th.

Homemade Delights is located at 19 Lindenwold Avenue on the corner at Race Street (near Coneheads). Owner, Tracey Hering, has been working hard since December to prepare the space for opening day. I had the pleasure of meeting Tracey and checking out the new digs this week, as you’ll see, the bakery is empty, but not for long! Although Saturday will feature a somewhat limited menu as they ease into things, but once up and running you can expect to find cookies, cakes, pies, cinnamon and sticky buns, specialty breads, cheesecakes, hand dipped chocolates including truffles and much more! Homemade Delights will not be baking rolls and traditional breads yet, but have arranged for Corropolese to deliver freshly baked rolls and Italian bread each and every day.

Homemade Delights will be open 6 days a week, hours below. Please visit Tracey and welcome her new bakery to Ambler, tomorrow morning, Saturday, April 14, beginning at 6am!

  • Closed Monday                                                                                                                                               
  • Tuesday – Friday: 6am –  4pm                                                                                                                                                        
  • Saturday: 6am – 3pm                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Sunday: 6am – 1pm


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Welcome to town!

There is a lot of activity in town lately, so much so that it’s hard to keep up! As you know, Ambler suffered a great loss this past month with the closing of The Shanachie; Gerry, Ed and the whole cast and crew will be sorely missed.

Walking in town, a quote made famous by Alexander Graham Bell comes to mind, “When one door closes, another one opens,”  and it seems as though there are quite a few doors opening in town. Here’s a rundown of who is new to town, moving around in town, and soon to make an appearance…


Recently Opened

Ambler Golf Shop ~ 10 E. Butler Avenue, (215)628-GOLF,

Ambler Golf Shop is a retail golf shop that opened mid February. They offer high end apparel for men and women, accessories and equipment, they offer re-gripping services as well. Owner, Kevin Melrath, is a former golf professional with the experience and selection you’re looking for in a golf shop.

Ambler Music ~ 310 E. Butler Avenue, (267)481-2850,

Ambler Music is not a new kid on the block by any stretch, just fat and happy in a new location as of March. The extra space allows for a larger variety of teachers and the ability to cater to more students. Ambler Music offers a vast array of private music lessons, as well as general group lessons for children, performance services, recording and more. Whether it’s individual music education or volunteering his time organizing Ambler events, owner, Luke Cleary, is dedicated to increasing the arts and culture in the Ambler area.


Coming soon

Homemade Delights ~ 19 Lindenwold Avenue

Homemade Delights is a locally owned, family bakery featuring freshly baked goods including, cinnamon buns, bread, pies, cookies, cakes and more. Specialty items for the holidays and events will be available as well. They hope to open in early April.

Barberella ~ 44 E. Butler Avenue, (215)643-4066,

Barberella is a chic boutique style hair and skin care salon, but they are not new to town, just new to Butler Avenue. After 6 great years on Forest Avenue the need for expansion can no longer be put off! Barberella’s new home has been a salon (Shirley’s) for the past 20+ years, but you may not recognize it, as it is currently undergoing quite the transformation. Owner Trisha Stewart and her stylists will be movin’ on up in May.

Ambler Beverage Exchange ~ 259 E. Butler Avenue

Ambler Beverage Exchange will occupy the former home of Ambler Beverage, but the similarity stops there! Of course they will carry the standard market beers, but the focus will be on local breweries, micro breweries and specialty import beers. Education will be a mainstay, with Ambler Beverage Exchange hosting tasting events and guest brewers. Look for them to open this Spring!

A shoe store of which I do not know the name, or any other details. How about some help here? Anyone, Bueller? ~ 38 E. Butler Avenue


Well, that’s it folks! Ok, ok, just kidding! Wanted to see if you were paying attention 🙂

Forest & Main Brewing Company ~ 61 N. Main Street, (215)542-1776,

I know, all you care about is an opening date. Rest assured, you’re not alone, but unfortunately I’m amongst the huddled masses. A facebook update this past Sunday said “hopefully by the end of the week,” we shall see. Poor Daniel and Gerard have been working so hard for such a long time, let’s take it easy on them, no banging down the door and commandeering the pub. For now, you’ll have to drool over the photos I took back in January…


As for the Shanachie location, those “in the know” are being very tight lipped about it. All I can get out of them is that there is definitely a restaurant going in, but they won’t say what or when. If you have any information about this or know of any businesses I’m missing, please let me know in the comments below! See you in Ambler!

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A Little Something to Whet Your Whistle

Today was one of those jump up and click your heels kind of day; not only was I able to sit down and enjoy great conversation with fellow Amblerites, but I also had the privilege of getting a sneak peek into Forest & Main Brewing Company! I, along with many of you I’m sure, have been dying to see what they’ve been up to in there. Of course, I follow their blog and facebook page but seeing their labor of love in the flesh today was truly impressive. Daniel and Gerard have really done an incredible job of transforming the space and it couldn’t be more perfect. I took a few photos to share with you (click the thumbnails below), but only of the bar area, you’ll have to experience the rest for yourself. Which leads to the question that everyone has been asking for quite some time now, “When will they open?!” If all goes well they hope to be open by the end of the month, be sure to check their facebook page for updates.

See you at Forest & Main 🙂


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Here’s Looking At You, Kid

No, this post has nothing at all to do with Casablanca, I just couldn’t help but throw the “kid” in there. Here’s Looking At You is an upscale eyeglass boutique that is new to Ambler as of last month. HLAY (for the sake of brevity) shares an entrance way with In These Shoes on Butler Avenue, which makes sense, as they likely appeal to the same audience.

Owner, Francis Templin, has outdone himself in designing the store, it has a gallery feel and is stunning. Templin is a former Coast Guard Medic who has a passion for fine things, eye glasses being high on the list; his personal collection is eclipsed only by that of his new venture. Each frame as well as every piece of furniture and lighting was hand picked by Templin. You may wonder, as I did, about the palm tree (seen in the photos below). At first it seemed a bit out of place, but it makes perfect sense when you observe the collection it accompanies. This speaks to the variety of frames that you will find here; if you can’t find something you like at HLAY, it probably doesn’t exist.

While visiting with Francis I couldn’t help but notice the amazing artwork in the rear of the store. As I moved closer I realized that this was not a piece of artwork hanging on the wall but an incorporated masonry scene. Apparently this building originally housed the Wissahickon Fire Company, which was founded in 1891 after an infamous fire that claimed several Ambler hallmarks. It’s impossible to miss, be sure to check it out while visiting Here’s Looking At You, it is a pretty incredible piece of history!

Templin plans to offer some artisan pieces as well, ideally crafted by a local artist. If you feel that you would be a good fit, stop in for a visit. Heck, regardless of whether you are an artist, are in need of new frames or not, stop in to say hello and welcome Francis to town!

Here’s Looking At You

71 E Butler Avenue, Ambler


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Julia’s On The Go Deli

Like many, I was thrilled to hear that a new business was opening in Jo Jo’s former space. I’ve been waiting on word for an opening date, yes, peeking in the windows and all, for a few weeks. Yesterday I saw @RachInAmbler tweet a picture of her veggie hoagie from Julia’s and I could hardly reply fast enough! She informed me that they opened this past Wednesday, man, I must be slacking!

I stopped in today on my way home from work; my intention was to say hello and get some details, but naturally, I left with a hoagie in hand. I was immediately greeted by the owner, Heather, I assumed she and Julia were partners until she informed me that Julia is her 8 year old daughter. Julia’s is a true family business, as I found Heather’s mom and dad behind the counter as well! I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Julia, but apparently she is quite pleased with her deli and loves that it bears her name.

As I mentioned, Julia’s is located in Jo Jo’s former location, 14 W Butler Avenue, right next to the train station. If you are an early morning commuter, you are in luck as Julia’s opens weekdays at 6am, serving locally roasted coffee and tasty breakfast sandwiches. They are a full service deli offering Dietz & Watson meats and artisan cheeses, the same great quality you get at your grocery store, but at a better price and in an independently owned store. In addition to the standard deli items, Julia’s also offers homemade soups and salads, hoagies, sandwiches, wraps and delicious sounding sides, such as J-Lee’s Fries (grated parmesan reggiano, garlic, salt and pepper), sweet potato and crab fries. They also do deli trays with 24 hours advance notice. I’ve only tried the Italian Hoagie so far, but I was very pleased. It was piled high with choice meats and cheeses, juicy red tomatoes, red and white onion, fresh lettuce and was nicely seasoned on a great roll. I’m looking forward to working my way through the menu 🙂

Julia’s On The Go Deli is open 7 days a week, 6am-6pm, Monday – Friday and 7am-4pm on Saturday & Sunday. They don’t have a website yet, but you can find them on facebook!

14 W Butler Ave, Ambler, PA 19002


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Ambler Donuts is open for business!

Ambler DonutsThis is seriously the last thing my “diet” needs! First, Massa opens, with its delicious pizza (I want the prosciutto pizza on a consistent basis, it’s a problem), now donuts?! I shudder to think that Rosey’s BBQ will be open in just a few short weeks. Needless to say, my diet had to be put on hold for at least one more day (never said that before) and it was well worth the delay, Ambler Donuts donuts are awesome!

The shop is small but has a wide variety of donuts, bagels, muffins, coffee and the like; all baking is done on site. The owner, Patrick, was manning the register and he was happy to report that they had a good amount of traffic for their first day open. I stopped by later in the day so they were out of a few selections, one of which Patrick says is the best, Blueberry Pie. Also no glazed, I know, an old standby but one of my faves.

Actual Ambler Donuts

There are only two of us so I couldn’t justify more than four donuts; we got a chocolate glazed, Bavarian creme, cinnamon sugar and… RED VELVET! Maybe I’m out of touch with the donut world, but I’ve never heard of a red velvet donut before. They were all delicious and not too sweet like many other donuts, that must be why we had no problem putting away four of them in record time.

Typically now would be the time to tell you the hours and other pertinent information, but I must admit that as soon as I walked in I was overcome by the heavenly smell and all of my “journalistic responsibility” went out the window, sorry ’bout that folks. I’ll check back with them and update as a comment here, wait, that means I’ll smell that smell again… damn the diet (I’ve never said that before either)! If you’re there before I am please leave the hours and info we should know below. I do know that they have a drive-through, kinda hard to miss 🙂

One last thought, donut or doughnut???

Ambler Donut Opening Day

Hours:Monday – Saturday: 5am – 8pm

Sunday: 6am – 3pm



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