And The Winners Are…

Ambler’s Holiday Window Display Contest has come to an end; the winners were announced this past week and I must say, I’m a little surprised.  Not to take anything away from the winners but it seems to me that the businesses who had the most ornate and festive displays were not among the top three.  Oh well, I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Without any further ado, the winners are…

1st place- Pure Spa

2nd place- Jo Jo’s Java Joint

3rd place- Shear Supreme Hair Salon

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The remaining contenders…

Jo’s Jo’s Java Joint

Cone Heads At Deli Delight

Pure Care Medical


The winner will be announced tonight at borough hall.  Who do you think should win?

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Contender #10

Ambler Skate Shop went all out!  I suspect Christian made this himself 🙂


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Contender #9

KC’s Alley

If you look closely you can see the infamous P Mac in the window 🙂

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Ambler Tax Hike?

Many of us are suffering in this dismal economy and the borough of Ambler is no exception.  The borough is faced with considerably lower than expected revenue from 2010.  The two biggest contributing factors are the lack of revenue from earned income tax as well as real estate transfer tax. You don’t need to be an economist to understand why these factors hit the borough so hard this year; the high percentage of unemployment contributed to the lack of income tax and the depressed real estate market has meant fewer sales, hence less revenue from transfer tax.

This shortfall must be made up somewhere, so Ambler Borough Council has proposed two options to help balance the 2011 budget.  The first plan is to implement a new business privilege tax.  The business tax has already been approved by Borough Council at the December 7th committee meeting. The new tax will impose a flat fee of $240 per year on every business within the borough, including owners of investment properties (rentals). This tax is required to be paid in full no later than the end of March 2011.

Although the business tax will help to cover the deficit, additional revenue is still needed.  The second proposal is to raise property taxes by 13.72%. On the surface this sounds like an enormous increase but it actually translates to about $76 per $100,000 of assessed value.  Don’t get me wrong, I know every bit counts, perhaps now more than ever, but it looks much better when you put it into perspective.  This tax increase has not yet been approved, Council meets to vote on this proposal December 21st prior to the regular council meeting, I’ll keep you posted.

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Ambler Events this Week

Indicative of this time of year there is always a lot going on, and Ambler is no exception!  Grab the family and some friends and head into town for some fun this week…

  • Tuesday 12/14– Carolers will be at The Ambler Theater this evening welcoming theater goers.
  • Wednesday 12/15Annual Holiday Sing-A-Long at The Ambler Theater. Enjoy the beautiful sounds of The Ambler Symphony and have fun singing along, beginning at 6:00pm.  Immediately following (@ 8:00pm) there will be a special screening of the original 1951 A Christmas Carol.
  • Thursday 12/16– Be at the Ambler train station to greet Santa who will be arriving at 7:00pm.  Stroll with Santa down Butler Avenue to Borough Hall and take part in the tree lighting.
  • Tuesday 12/21– The highly anticipated winner of the holiday window display contest will be announced, 7:00pm at Borough Hall.  See previous posts to view some of the contestants.

Have fun, stay warm and see you in Ambler!

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Contender #8

State Farm is clearly well represented in Ambler, this display is courtesy of Tony Serrao.

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A Wonderful Life?

The better part of the past hour has been spent looking for local theaters showing “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  I planned to write quick post detailing the theaters, dates and times in an effort to help all see this cherished Capra film this season. Apparently, either my online researching skills have gone to pot, or there is no desire by the masses to see this Christmas staple on the big screen. Only one theater (as far as I can see) is playing this film, The Colonial Theater in Phoenixville.  They will feature It’s a Wonderful Life this Sunday, December 19th at 2:00pm.

YouTube Preview Image

I find this disheartening on many levels;

  • Have people lost a sense of nostalgia?
  • What happened to tradition?
  • Doesn’t anyone want to see this on the big screen, feel the warm fuzzies?
  • What about all the people who have never seen it? Imagine experiencing it for the first time in a theater, at the perfect time of year!
  • Worst of all, and perhaps slightly hypocritical, this only showing is during the Eagles game on Sunday……

I was really looking forward to seeing this myself as well as surprising my guy (it’s easily one of his favorites).  I truly expected that we would have multiple places and times to choose from.  Sadly, that is not the case, and being the Eagles fan that I am, football will win out.  That being said, if you know of any other showings in the area, please share!  We do own the DVD, I have actually already seen it this year, but it’s just not the same.  Am I the only person who cares about this, would you go see It’s a Wonderful Life if it was playing near you?

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Contender #7

If you aren’t already familiar with Phillips and Associates you can easily surmise their area of expertise by viewing their holiday display.  Impressive to say the least; I spent the most time here by far!  If the to scale models of several of Ambler’s mainstays isn’t enough, the display is also an advent calendar!

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Contender #6

Invinceable Shoe Repair

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