October Wedding in the Snow

It’s extremely hard to believe that it has been snowing all day, considering it’s October 29!!! As I always do when it snows, I decided to head into town and see what’s going on. It was pretty quiet, as one would expect on a day like this, but to my surprise I ran into a wedding party right in the middle of Butler Ave! Between this post and my last you may be wondering what’s with all the wedding stuff, but this is just a great coincidence!



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When Love Comes to Town

I stumbled across the video and photos below and decided to share them here, they have nothing to do with current happenings in town or the real estate market but (as you will see) some of these gorgeous shots were taken in town. These “day after” wedding photos were shot at the local bride and groom’s home as well as the Amber train station, too cute!

As soon as I saw the photos in front of their home I knew exactly which street it was, one of my fave’s (I wonder how many Ambler streets I say that about)! Those grand old twins don’t go up for sale very often so I’m fairly certain I know the house and was in it when it was for sale last year. This home was, as many older Ambler homes are, in need of love. Seeing these pictures makes me so happy because I can tell that this couple will give this sleeping beauty the love it deserves, judging by their taste it’s probably already incredible!

Oddly, I’ve never met the bride and groom, I came across their “Ambler” photos in a random web search. Aside from loving the Ambler backdrop, this is the sweetest wedding video I’ve ever seen.


Day After Photos

By the way, if you are a bride to be or have a special event to plan and you find yourself gushing over this wedding, check out Belovely Events. The Ambler bride here is half of Belovely, clearly they do an amazing job!

Photography by Heidi Vail

Video by Monachetti





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Dettera Last Night

A perfect night to sit outside and enjoy the fire!Dettera Ambler

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Your Lucky Day!

Just in case you have a spare 30 million dollars laying around collecting dust and happen to need 30,000+ square feet on 70+ acres, it’s your lucky day! Check out this unbelievable estate just a few minutes outside of town on Sheaff Lane (one of the most beautiful lanes in the area, in my opinion). It was just listed today by Long & Foster in Devon, I suspect the pool of buyers for this home is rather limited 😉 Click on the thumbnail photos below for the best way to view the property.

We're sorry, but we couldn't find MLS # 5956234 in our database. This property may be a new listing or possibly taken off the market. Please check back again.

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Rosey’s BBQ Steps Up To The Plate

Sure, pun intended, but this is no laughing matter. Ambler’s newest restaurant, Rosey’s BBQ, is stepping up to help its neighbors in the wake of recent flooding. As I’m sure you know, Ambler was hit extremely hard in recent weeks, first by Hurricane Irene and then much more so by Tropical Storm Lee. The water damage struck residents and businesses alike, and in most cases neither had flood insurance. The community immediately came together to help, Ron Curtis of Final Touch Hair Salon lead the charge and collected clothes, food and monetary donations, he even delivered pizzas to those who lost almost everything.

Chad Rosenthal, owner of Rosey’s BBQ, says he “feels compelled to do something to help his neighbors, many of whom have become customers since the grand opening in July.” In an effort to do just that Chad has created a wonderful fundraising opportunity with “BBQ For The Borough.” Chad has pledged to donate 10% of all his Ambler restaurant’s sales between October 1 and 15 to help the Ambler Borough recover from flood damage caused by the storms. Better yet, on October 1st (Ambler’s 20th annual Oktoberfest) Rosey’s will double the donation!

Rosey's BBQ, Ambler

If you haven’t been to Rosey’s, then this is the perfect time to try their finger lickin’ BBQ; if you are already a fan of Rosey’s then this is just another reason to come back!

“Whether you enjoy our sweet, smoky ribs, BBQ chicken, pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked turkey or Southern style side dishes, you’ll contribute to helping Ambler recover from this unfortunate natural disaster,” said Rosenthal.

Rosey’s is located at 9 North Main Street, you can also find them on Facebook.

Rosey's good eats

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It’s that time of year again! Join us on Saturday, October 1st for Ambler’s one and only Oktoberfest, always a good time!


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A Big Thank You!

I am thrilled to have been selected as a Five Star Real Estate Agent for the second year in a row; thank you to my clients who took the time to participate in the most recent survey! I would love to thank you personally, but as you know, I am not privy to the names of the participants. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the program, it is a blind survey in which real estate professionals are evaluated by their clients in 8 different areas:

  • customer service
  • integrity
  • market knowledge
  • communication and negotiation skills
  • closing preparation
  • helping you find the right home
  • marketing the home being sold
  • overall satisfaction

The final list includes the real estate agents in the local market who scored highest overall. This list represents less than 7% of agents in our local market, an honor that I am so proud have! The Five Star Agents in our area will be featured in the September issue of Philadelphia Magazine.

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No Dogs Allowed

This is the prevailing theme at all four parks in Ambler. Ambler Boro ParkAs someone who doesn’t own a dog, I hadn’t given it much thought until recently. The topic has come up several times on the Ambler facebook page and it seems that there are many residents who are in favor of at least one of our parks becoming dog friendly. There is a large number of dog owners in Ambler, that is evident when walking or driving through town and also at the Ambler Main Street community events, particularly the most recent, Dog Days! One of the many wonderful things about Ambler is that it is a walkable town, having to put Fido in the car to visit a quasi-local dog park seems contradictory to one of the major benefits of living in town.  With so many dog owners, doesn’t it make sense to have a dog friendly park in the borough, within walking distance? In my opinion, it’s a no-brainer! I suspect many residents, and four legged friends alike, would be happy if any of the parks were to allow dogs, I think Ambler Borough Park is the perfect spot. It is a beautiful, tucked away park that encompasses almost nine acres, complete with a large play area, walking paths and a creek. It is well maintained by the borough and there seem to be few who use it. If you would like to see a dog friendly park in Ambler please comment below and let’s get the ball rolling!

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Ambler Art Stroll, Artist Lineup

Saturday is going to be a beautiful day for Ambler’s first Art Stroll! Here is a list of participating artists and their location in town for the stroll. The Stroll is from 11-5pm and most restaurants have extended their restaurant week specials through Saturday night, hope to see you there!

Michael Heffernan- Handcraft furniture, cutting boards


Finn McCool’s parking lot

Tim Weiser- Pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic

www.facebook.com/pages/Tikicacti-The-Art-of-Tim Weiser/342560128568

Denny’s Electric

Rose Manteghian- Jewelry, small sculpture, greeting cards and more



Michael Moore- Oil paintings, watercolor, charcoal and graphite drawings

Finn McCools

Pamela Martin- Fine Art Photography


Café Maida

Monique Kendikian-Sarkessian- Paintings


Chameleon Boutique

Ara Zeibarian- Abstract Geometry Painting


Thom Iannacci- Jewelry


Laney’s Kids Boutique

Anthony Casasanto- Oil and pastel paintings


Sew Vintage

Vanessa Sychak- Oil painting and Ink on cloth


Paul Mitchell School

Melissa Nucera- Fine Art prints and jewelry


Cafe Maida

Karen Frank- Acrylic paintings on canvas and mixed media



Lina Y Minicucci- Oil paintings


Ambler Theater

Elizabeth Rozsa- Photography



Lynnette Shelley- Fine Art, originals and prints


Ambler Theater

Marnita Kidd-Love- Acrylic paintings


Ambler Flower Shop

Elizabeth Snowdon- Watercolor


Tina Antonucci- Acrylic, pencil


Free Shop & Salon Envy

Judith Greenleaf Finore- Oils, acrylics and watercolor



Kathleen Sheehan- Oil paintings, wood cuts, mixed media


Ambler Theater

Mike Muir- Large canvas oil paintings

Ambler Theater

Carolyn Powers- Embroidered tapestries

Ambler Theater

Tonya Bhagwat- Mixed media

No Bare Walls Framing

Judy Miller- Photography

Ambler Theater or Ambler Flower Shop

Information is subject to change.

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15th Annual Dog Days Parade

Grab your pooch and join the Dog Days Parade, Saturday, August 6 at 10:00am. The parade kicks off at Ambler Savings Bank and heads through town down Butler Avenue and ends on North Main Street where there will be judging and awards! Register below and have a blast 🙂

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